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e-infinitum was founded by Daniel Owens and Peter Wilson at the start of the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown in response to the growing need for reliable and affordable e-commerce solutions in a world where people are limited in their ability to move around.

The key principal to the services we offer is that cost should not be a hurdle to doing business.  We aim to keep startup or transition costs for any new business venture as low as possible.  We want our clients - the businesses we collaborate with - to have the best chance to get up and running and making money swiftly.  We do this through continuous delivery and continuous development.  We start by testing the idea with a simple - rapidly deployed - solution, then continue building on what works.  This principle allows an agile response to circumstances that may be changing rapidly.  This takes the guesswork out of investing - you will be in control of your budgets and the pace of development so you can match the rate at which demand is growing.

Our Team

Daniel Owens brings a diverse range of skills and experience, from senior management on board cruise ships operating on polar waters (Master Mariner) and setting up technology start-up companies to television programme making and web application development.  Daniel is also experienced in developing learning strategies, team building, and solving technical problems.

Peter Wilson has decades of experience as a graphic designer, video producer and television programme maker.  He works in print, web, and moving image.  He is highly skilled at developing creative ideas rapidly in response to client needs.  Peter has long standing collaborations with some of Scotland's third sector organisations producing videos and graphic campaigns to support social enterprise.

Dylan Owens studied engineering and computing science at the University of Aberdeen, he is a keen musician and photographer.  His professional practice brings together creativity and technology.