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On this page we explain what content management is - and how we can help you get your message across.

Content management is a human process rather than a piece of software.  Deane Barker (of Blend Interactive) explains what content management is (and isn't) here.  

People have been managing content in one way or another since the invention of writing.

We think of content as the things we want to communicate to our target audience.  These can be in the form of editorial, narrative, or journalistic information presented in written, visual, or audio media, and often a combination of all three.  Your message is in the content.

"A content management system (CMS) is a tool to assist in and enable the theoretical ideal of content management. How well any one CMS successfully brings that ideal to life is the subject of great debate" (Barker)

The aim of content management is to allow you to:

  • create new content
  • edit existing content
  • perform editorial workflow on content
  • make that content available for other people to consume

Additionally you need to control aspects of the the content management process:

  • Who can read, edit, or delete the content?
  • Is the content published, in draft or archived? Has it been withdrawn from access? 
  • Can you keep track of the version of the content as it is edited? Can you restore or republish an older version?
  • Are different pieces of content dependent on one another?   What will be the impact of changing or deleting a piece of content?
  • How can you search for relevant content and organise related content so people can access it in a useful way?

Drupal is a low cost, but powerful, solution for setting up an effective content management system, and it will scale as your business grows and your priorities change.  (More about Drupal)

We can build you:

An intuitive system that enables you and your organisation to control your message and reach out to your target audience with well presented, relevant information.  

You will be able to engage your target audience by showing you are interested in what they think.

You will be able to manage access-permissions and membership privileges securely and reliably to provide a selection of services to different audiences.

We can help you:

Identify culturally relevant ideas to build a cohesive online community around your organisation.


Your message is in the content, and our objective to to help you get your message across.

Contact us now to find out more about how we can help you use powerful content management tools to help you get your message across more effectively. 

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