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How can we help you?
With years of experience designing online retail systems we know exactly how to get you online quickly and with the lowest start-up and running costs imaginable.  
Setting up an online shop is hard work though, and we can use our experience to give you the best start.  

We can help:

  • Plan your store
  • Prepare your logo, graphics and product images
  • Compile your terms and conditions
  • Check your shop is ready to launch before going live

We can also help with:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to give your store great search engine rankings
  • Marketing, PR and social media campaigning through our partner agencies
  • Custom interface design
  • Development of custom functionality for your online shop
  • Migration of your existing online shop painlessly to Shopify platform

We are always here to answer questions and solve the little challenges that online shop proprietors encounter along the way.

How quick, how much?.

Contact us now using the form on this page and we will set up a development shop for you today, we will guide you through the setup process and you can be trading with your own website, your own product range and the confidence that everything has been set up correctly in a matter of days.

Our prices are highly competitive and aimed to get people like you up and running quickly with minimal start-up costs.

Why do we recommend Shopify to our customers?

  • Shopify is quick to deploy - you can be up and running in minutes - with ready to use design templates.
  • It is hugely scalable - Shopify shops can handle up to 10,000 (Ten Thousand!) transactions per minute.
  • It is secure and reliable  - As the world's most widely used online shop system, Shopify employs a huge team of staff to maintain, develop and extend the Shopify system.
  • It is highly extensible - Shopify provides support for developers like us to implement features tailored to individual needs of our customers.  They support a community of independent developers who provide a plethora of commercial apps to extend the Shopify system.
  • Shopify allows considerable flexibility to design a customer-friendly shop interface that effectively sells your products.
  • Shopify consistently comes out on top when compared to the other leading e-Commerce systems.
  • Shopify provides a highly efficient and cost effective POS (point of sale) system for selling your products face-to-face.

The basics of e-Commerce

e-Commerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. e-Commerce is often used to refer to the sale of physical products online, but it can also describe any kind of commercial transaction that is facilitated through the internet.

Total global retail e-Commerce sales are estimated to have exceeded $27 trillion by 2020

You probably make a significant amount of your monthly purchases via the internet.

Retail e-Commerce allows a vendor to make their products available to be purchased over the internet and for a customer to select the product(s) they desire and pay for it using some kind of secure transaction.  The payment information sent over the internet is subject to end-to-end encryption and in most cases, the vendor never has access to the customer's payment details, they only get confirmation that the transaction has been processed successfully.  In the EU, sales carried out via the internet and those transacted by telephone are subject to "Distance-Selling Regulations" which protect the consumer by giving them additional statutory rights to return goods they are not satisfied with.

We have many years of experience helping our clients to sell products over the the internet, and in helping them avoid some of the legal and logistical challenges that can arise.

What is the best platform?

When choosing an online store platform, here are some things to consider:

  • Do you want a system that is managed for you, or do you want to host and manage your shop system yourself?
  • Who will maintain and promote your online shop?
  • How do you intend to process payments made by your customers?
  • Do you already have a catalogue with product descriptions and photos?
  • Who will fulfil the orders from your online shop?
  • How will your products be delivered to your customers?

Here are some independent reviews of best top e-Commerce platforms:

    Benefits of Shopify

    • Shopify is a fully hosted and managed e-Commerce solution.  You only pay for the service and you do not need to worry about server maintenance, hosting fees or keeping your severs secure and up to date - that is all done for you.
    • Shopify is easy to use and highly customisable, so whether you maintain the shop yourself or pay someone to help you with it, it will be a swift and efficient process.
    • Shopify operates its own payment gateway system (although it is also compatible with around 90 other payment gateway services around the world). Shopify's own payment gateway is significantly less expensive than other services making Shopify one of the most cost effective online shop systems available.
    • Shopify gives you the flexibility to fulfil your orders in house, or to work with a distribution warehouse or drop-shipping supplier - whichever fits best with your business model.
    • Shopify is hugely flexible in the way shipping can be integrated into your online store - from local delivery service, to world-wide couriers , or even click-and-collect.
    • Shopify works with your business to deliver for your customer.

    What Shopify's customers say

    "I absolutely love my job and I owe so much of our success to Shopify. Thanks to this platform I can focus on my customers and growing the business, and not have to worry about servers and shopping carts and technical difficulties. We started something from absolutely nothing, and we love hearing stories about other Shopify-ers doing the same."

    "We have so enjoyed our experience with Shopify- so many resources and helpful people to get you through the challenges!"

    "Since Shopify provides pretty much everything necessary to run an online store, my recommendation to new shop owners would be to spend a bit extra time to customize the design of their online store. Having a professional presence, consistent branding and messaging makes a big difference. We are interacting with global audience and our online store is the first point of contact with our customers. It is very important to establish that level of trust and professionalism, where our customers feel confident enough to make their first purchase."

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