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Granger Market Delivery

Grainger Market Delivery

Grainger Market is a city centre covered market in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne.  It is home to many food and non-food traders.  The Covid-19 crisis threatened to destroy the business of the market entirely until they realised there was an oportunity to offer a delivery service for essential food products across the Newcastle area.  Initially the Market needed a rapidly deployed, low cost solution to find out if there was sufficient demand for the Market's produce.  There was a huge take up and it was quickly apparent that a more scalable solution was required to effectively service the rapidly growing online business.  After the first 14 days of operation, we rolled out a Shopify system which was not only more efficient, but provided a lower cost per transaction than other comparable shop systems.  The local delivery service operated by the market successfully saved the businesses of the market traders and enhanced the reputation of the Grainger Market.  The scalability and security of Shopify along with the low running costs of the system have transformed the nature of the market's online business which is expanding to include non-food products and nation wide delivery.

Grimmfest Film Festival

Grimmfest Festival
Grimmfest Movie Player

Grimmfest is a Horror Film festival in the North West of England. it has been going for over a decade and has built a community of fans and is now running several events each year.  The festival plans to extend its activities to include online activities for those who are unable to travel to the events.  The Covid-19 crisis made it necessary to bring their plans forward so as to provide their community of fans with high quality independent movie entertainment while they were isolating at home.  We designed a new interface for the website and created a movie player interface to allow convenient browsing of their online movie database.